We're not home, but please come back and see us, ya'll!

We are in beautiful Arkansas visiting family. It doesn't feel that far from home until I realize it takes about 20 minutes to get "to town".

Let me tell you what just happened. I took Lincoln, our new puppy out so he could take care of some business before bed. The lights were not on outside but there was some light from the house shining out the windows.

We walked out and Lincoln was acting a little skiddish (which isn't a new thing-he's a bit of a chicken). I noticed something on the ground and told him it was fine. I thought it was a lawn tool or something.

I finally walked over there to show him everything was ok and the thing GOT UP AND RAN AWAY! It was a beaver! Sitting right there in front of me. I'm so glad he didn't bite me with his chompers! I'm also glad it wasn't a skunk or I might have gotten sprayed. Lincoln "chased" him into the woods slowly and then ran back feeling all heroic but let me tell you, we are not in Edmond anymore. We are in the woods!

So- taking a break from city life will be good for us. We will be back to posting after the Holiday. Have a great,safe Labor day! (and remember- if you see something crouching down in your backyard, either run away or turn on a light to see what it is because it might just jump out and scare the living daylights out of you!)