Friday Follow-up #10

Another busy week here in the Donaldson household. (I bet you are tired of hearing me say that). The photo above was taken at the LIFESHARE kickoff on Wednesday night. (Courtesy of John at human3rror)
  • Well, today Ethan had to see the dentist because he had a baby tooth was seemed to be infected and was not wanting to come out. He ended up having to have it "extracted". He was such a brave little guy. He was pampered all day so I'm pretty sure he forgot all about the shots he had to numb his mouth!
  • Our new dog has some issues but we found a great vet today and he will be going in for treatments. He was a trooper as well.
  • One of my stitches came out tonight (from my recent surgery)- looks like it's going to be fine though.
  • We are hanging out with family tonight and really looking forward to it. Brandon and his brothers are buds. Our kids love each other as well :)
What's new with you? Have you been to Lifshare? Tell us what you thought about the experience and what you have done to share your LIFE in Christ online.