God's Word - Everything you need

Psalm 119

This is the mother of all Psalms with 176 verses.  Although it is extremely long, it is extremely single-minded.  Here are some impactful information and thoughts from this very cool Psalm.
  • Big idea: Word of God contains everything man needs to know
  • This Psalm was written as an alphabetic acrostic in Hebrew; each stanza (8 verses) is devoted to a successive Hebrew letter;  each verse in that stanza starts with the same Hebrew letter
  • 172 verses are addressed to the Lord
  • 173 verses uses one of ten different terms that refer to God's Word (Word of God, law, promises, etc.)
There is ONE CLEAR thought throughout this long Psalm...God's word is so important!  This Psalm reminded me of the blessing we have to stand on.  I take it for granted too many times. 

Here is  a snapshot: 
  • What we should do with God's Word:  walk in, live by, obey, consider, learn, keep, hide in our hearts, recount, rejoice in, delight, meditate, rejoice in following, run in the path, set your heart on, long for, trust in, seek out, speak of, remember, turn steps to, do not forget, believe in, value, put your hope in, do not forsake, ponder, love, do not depart from, always have regard for, stand in awe of, sing of
  • What can happen as we engage in God's Word:  be blessed, way is pure, not be put to shame, receive counsel, see wonderful things, strengthened, gain understanding, hearts set free, walk in freedom, not be ashamed, receive hope, perserved life, find comfort, wiser than enemies, more insight than teachers, more understanding than elders, light our path, become joy of our hearts, our heritage forever, gives light, gives understanding to the simple, sustains us
God's Word enough said!