Gratefulness follow up

I think blogging about things makes you more aware. For instance, I just posted last week about gratefulness and wanting our kids to "get it".

On Saturday night after church, Brandon took the boys home so I could do some bargain shopping. On the way home, they stopped at a local frozen custard place. We have been on our cash only system and Brandon hadn't grabbed more cash before he left the house (because he wasn't initially planning on stopping)

So, in his wallet, he only had enough for both of the boys to get something. Merrick noticed that B didn't have anything and he said "You and mom don't want any?". Brandon explained to him that he didn't have enough money but it was OK.

Merrick got a really serious look and said "Thank you so much daddy!". Brandon said you could just tell that he got it. He saw the little sacrifice that his dad had made for him. He was thankful for of all things, ice cream, which doesn't cost much but they love!

So- pay attention to your little ones. They may be "getting it" more than you think :)