Delight - The Next Level

Psalm 112:1

The man who fears the Lord and who greatly delights in His commandments is blessed. Two words in this verse caught my attention, "greatly delights." Is that how I would describe my relationship with God's Word and His commands? Maybe obey, respect, honor...but greatly delight? Too many times I am lost in the obedience. I am striving to obey God's commands. I am holding them in high regard, but I am missing the next level, delighting. Do you realize that when you get to this level of delighting all the others are a given? When you delight in God's commands, obedience and respect is a natural part. But then delight brings some things the others do not. Delight automatically brings a sense of joy. Delight brings sense of ownership. Obedience does not. Obedience is usually seen as the end goal, but it is just a step towards delight. I think I have shot to low for my relationship with God's Word and His commands. I'm ready to get to that next level.