Friday follow-up #13

I'm taking a break from the Marriage Challenges series today (but will resume on Monday). Here's our weekly catch-up time for friends and family :)
  • We thoroughly enjoyed Fall Break. We stayed in town and had some great family time. The boys thought it was the best. I love that they love being around us (and hope that never changes!). We went to the library, played the Wii, watched a movie, and had some special meals.
  • The teacher called this week and said Ethan is talking non-stop in school. Hmm-wonder who he got that from?? We have decided to devote some time to really let him talk about anything he wants to. We might be asking for it but hopefully it will curb some talking at school.
  • Merrick has a huge project due next week that he/we need to work on this weekend. It's got 5 parts to it!! (writing, dressing up, a presentation, etc.)
  • I have been doing great on my bargain shopping but now our little freezer is full :( I guess that's a good thing but not when you are wanting your food to last a while. Does anyone have an extra freezer we can have? ( or buy?) - seriously. Or do you know where I could find a great deal on one?
  • We have joined a new life group and we are really enjoying it! My friend Erryn (from Bunco) and her husband Chris lead it. Life groups are small discipleship groups from our church.
  • This weekend and the first part of next week, we are hitting up the pumpkin patch and our local "Storybook forest". Can't wait :) I LOVE the fall weather we are having too!!

What are you up to? Any weekend plans? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?