How to Deal with Problem People

Psalm 109

Straight talk from David to God. David does not sugar coat his words in this one. He definitely has issue with some people in his live, and he is crying out to God to bring judgment on them. Here are some actions steps to learn from David on how to deal with problem people.

You can break up David's action into private and public actions. Many times our first response when dealing with someone is to take matters into our own hands and confront the people that have done evil to us. But look what David does. First (Psalm 109:1-20), David takes his issue to God alone and trusts God to judge and repay this evil. (Take note that David was extremely hurt by this accuser and is asking God's heavy judgement. The key is all of his language asks God to deal with it). Secondly (Psalm 109:21-29), David takes his needs and hurts to God alone and trusts God to deliver, heal, and help him. Thirdly (Psalm 109:30-31), David takes his public action, the action that all can see and hear. This is the time when his accusers can see him and hear him. What does he do? David passionately praises God!
Private Action
  1. Take your issue about the person to God and let it out!
  2. Trust God to judge and repay them
  3. Take your needs and hurts to God
  4. Trust God to deliver, heal, and help you
Public Action
  1. Praise God
Wow that makes it so much easier!