I love the library!

We finally made it out to the library. I love the library...the smell of the books- the different titles to choose from. I usually go and want to check out too many books at one time.
  • This time I only got 2 (but one of them has over 700 pages so I better get busy).
  • Merrick has already read 2 of his chapter books (I need to get him there more often).
  • Ethan read "Little bunny foo foo" to me and it was so stinkin' cute!
  • Brandon got a fantasy book that he will probably have finished tomorrow!
We LOVE to read and that's a good thing in my opinion. What book(s) have you read lately that really made an impact? Of course I wish I could read the ones you suggest but I'll be busy reading my 700 page book, remember?? Maybe I can read it at a later time though.

Have a GREAT Saturday!! We'll be watching football and eating chicken pot pie andthen I will be running errands :)