Staff Event: Day 1

We kicked off our annual staff event today.Here is the scoop:
  • The first part of the day we talked about balancing your family and work and how our team members are our family! It was very good and personal.
  • We ate lunch at the "Red Barn". It was a unique environment and I thought it was fun going somewhere new (although we brought our own catered lunch in!)
  • We had professional photos taken. I'm not sure how ours will turn out but I'm excited we got to take them.
  • We watched Andy Stanley's talk from Catalyst 2007. It was very insightful and Brandon and I got a lot out of it. It was all about systems in the home and at work. Good stuff!
Then we got to go get the kids and have a short break at home. I'm feeling some kind of sinus-y stuff coming on and I don't want to get sick!! We headed back up to the OKC campus for dinner and here is a recap of that:
  • First, we had Chris Rogers lead worship. I love getting to hear some of the worship pastors from other LC campuses.
  • Then, Bill Hybels got up to speak. He really just sort of "talked" to us. It was one of those times when you realize you are standing in the presence of greatness. (all thanks to God!). This is a guy that just bleeds wisdom. Their church, Willow Creek, is the founder of "Leadership Summit". They have been a church going strong for 33 years! Very impressive! Again- we took a lot away from his talk about "The Whispers of God".
  • Craig, our pastor, then went to the stage and we had a Q and A time with Bill. We talked about ministries going stale and having to make tough calls. Also- that churches should not try to be "cool" but that we should be 100% about Jesus. The message doesn't change even though the methods might!
It was an amazing day and we go all day tomorrow. We hear from Steven Furtick in the morning. I love hearing from people outside of our "circle". I will write more tomorrow about Day 2 of our staff event.