Staff Event: Day 2

Wow is all I can say. We are having a brain overload at the moment. We arrived at the church for Day 2 of the October "event" at Here is what transpired:
  • Then we heard from Steven Furtick. I have heard his name so many times but really didn't know much about him. I instantly admired his passion and heart for Christ! He taught on what it means to truly serve others (and how we should serve "where we are"....don't wait for some "big opportunity" to serve, but serve in the small ways everywhere you go). Then, he stopped talking about serving and said that he felt like God wanted him to talk directly to our staff. He talked to us about being a role model for other churches and told us not to miss it! We are so far inside the bubble that's it's hard to step out of the bubble and appreciate the move of God we are in the middle of. It was humbling and inspiring at the same time. Steven is 28 yrs. old but has the wisdom of someone much older! He was gracious and humble and we feel so blessed to have been able to meet him and hear about what God is working in him and through him (and in his church!!) (If you ever see this, Steven, THANK YOU for ministering to us today!)
  • We then broke our into "quickshops". Brandon and I went to "Twitter as a tool" from Terry and Robin Storch, then "Team collaboration" with John Davis, and then "Connecting in a disconnected world" with Andrew Statezny.
  • We went home to grab the kids and freshen up and then headed out for a big picnic with the entire staff. There was a cookout, volleyball, music, football, horseshoes, frisbee, and LOTS of conversation. It was great to be with the staff in a very non-formal environment.
  • Lastly, Brandon and I went out to eat with some dear friends from a Network church. We stayed with them until 11 PM. It was great conversation (as always).
Tomorrow we will be hearing from Craig and Amy Groeschel so I will share about that later! This year has been one of the better years for the "staff event" because we have had lots of connection time!!