Today has been all about BILLS. You know, those things that come in the mail on a consistent basis and say "Pay me or else you will have to pay more"?

I've been a bit stressed. I called Brandon and vented and he lathered me with compliments (over the phone-not in the bath!) about how well I work our finances. We really do make a good team!

He said I do a great job once I see it all on paper, so, I wrote it ALL down. Extra Dr. expenses, dentist, vet,Car tag, school events, etc.

We have paid out $1200 extra in the last month. (which is shocking in itself. Can someone please get me a glass of water? Gulp.)

BUT the amazing thing is that once I figured out those expenses and what we also cut back on in the last month- we almost break even. What!?! How can that be? It can only be explained by the grace of God. I firmly believe that when we are faithful to Him, He is faithful to us. THANK YOU Lord for being our provider.

I have 3 more medical bills and some orthodontic work for Merrick and some dental work for me to look forward. Instead of worrying about what's to come-I'm going to bask in the victory of this month! I still cannot explain where that money came from ( and I guess I don't need to anyways).