Christmas Lights

We went on our annual drive around town last night to view Christmas lights. We always load up in the car and stop for some hot chocolate on the way and then enjoy the drive. You will hear lots of "ooh" and "ah" and "wow" if you are nearby. It's become one of our favorite traditions.

I took some more pics but they are on Brandon's phone so we will have to try and upload them later.
People seemed to go all out this year. It's amazing to me how much people spend on lights! We didn't hang any. We just drive around and enjoy yours- ha ha!

What are some Christmas traditions you have as a family? Do you hang lights like the Griswalds or do you just put something simple up for decorations? I'm curious, for international readers, what is the custom on decorating from where you are from? Or even state to state? Oklahoman's really decorate their houses and they look gorgeous!! I'd love to hear about how you "experience" Christmas each year!!