Giving (in 2009)

We went to bag groceries at a local ministry just right before Christmas. Our boys were so excited (we were too). As we were getting ready, Ethan started asking what exactly we were going to go. He then asked "Are we going to get to eat breakfast before we leave?" since it was early in the morning. I assured him that we would. There were 2 things that struck me from this question:
  • Our boys understand what it means to "sacrifice" and I love that! In his mind- if we were giving away to the poor that day, then it meant we were fasting in some capacity. This is something that we truly want our boys to understand. True sacrifice is when you give up something you love for someone else.
  • There are kids out there that wake up and wonder every day..."are we getting to eat today?" "Do we get any kind of breakfast?". That truly saddens my heart. The homeless rate has grown so much over the past few years.There are so many hungry children and families out there!
Find a way you can "sacrifice" this year. Give up something you love, or think you need, for someone else. I know you will feel blessed for doing it and you will touch someone else's life! I am right there with you too. Our family wants to look at this new year and see how we can give more to others. Is there anything in 2009 that you feel "called" to do?? Please share! You might help someone else get an idea of how they can give to others in 2009.