Growing (in 2009)

Another area we'd like to see boosted this year is growth! I mean emotional growth (not physical!). We had a long drive home from our trip and we both talked about how we want this year to be about FOCUS!
  • We want to prioritize our yes' & no's.
  • We want to give 100% to 1 or 2 areas rather than 50% in several
  • We want to be able to look back next year and see positive change
  • We want to always be striving and seeking to learn
  • We want to be present in our kids lives and in each others lives (as well as friends' lives)
We both turned 35 in the last part of 2008. I wouldn't say we are having a mid-life crisis or anything but I think we both did have that moment like "wow, we are on our way to 40!".

Our goal is to make each year count. Make this year count. Where do you want to see growth in your life?