Just wanted to remind you to tune in to this weekend for the "Invasion" series. It's a closer look at some of the people who attend our church. When you see these amazing individuals, you will want to say "I love my church!".

This weekend, there are 2 stories dear to our hearts. The Byer's family is invaded.They are a family that just picked up and moved to London because they felt called to be missionaries there.They have hosted local events and also completely lead an experience online every weekend. They are a big part of the Internet campus!

The 2nd story that we are looking forward to viewing is our friends, the Campbell's. This family lost their little boy back in July of this year. They had prayed and believed and saw many milestones with him for several months before God brought him home. Their story of faith is truly inspiring (and tear jerking). You will not want to miss it. Brandon said they have some incredible video footage of them. While I know their story is hard to re-live, they continue to be open and honest. Jace's short little life has brought so many people closer to God. Makes me tear up just writing about it.

Tune in at these experience times:
January 10th:
Sat 6:30 PM Central (7:30PM Eastern, 4:30 Pacific)

January 11th:
Sunday 10:00AM GMT (4:00AM Central, 5:00AM Eastern, 2:00 AM Pacific)

Sunday 10:00AM Central time (11:00AM Eastern, 8:00 AM Pacific)

Sunday 11:30 AM Central time (12:30 PM Eastern, 9:30 AM Pacific)

Sunday 1:00 PM Central time (2:00 PM Eastern, 11:00 AM Pacific)

January 13th:
Tuesday 12:00 PM Central time (1:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 AM Pacific)

Tuesday 8:00 PM Central time (9:00 PM Eastern, 6:00 PM Pacific)