SnOw DaY!

Well, it was 3 snow days to be exact. In Oklahoma, when it snows/ices over, they just close everything down. We still had power thankfully, but were literally inside for almost 3 days straight. On day 2, we ventured out into the backyard all bundled up. After about 5 minutes, the boys declared "We're cold. We're coming inside". Well, it was only like 15 degrees so I don't blame them for wanting to come in. The picture above was from the 2nd day 5 minute adventure:) We got a lot more snow on the 3rd day!

We did homework, read books, watched movies, did some baking, played with toys, played was the life, let me tell you.

But, human interaction is so important. I was so thankful to have e-mail and twitter to keep up with what everyone had going on. I also got my full share of blog reading in. Overall, it was a fun time. I loved hearing the boys shout with glee each day they found out they didn't have school the next day:) There were a few meltdowns but I'm so thankful I had 3 full days with my boys. I forgot what it's like to have them home all day.

What do you do on "snow days"? Do you even have them where you live? I remember having them as a kid too and it still brings warm fuzzies- how about you?