A month in pictures- Blizzard/Christmas 2009

We were hoping for a white Christmas. Guess we got our wish. We didn't get a "dusting" as some weathermen first mentioned. We got a blizzard! The snow was blowing around so hard that visibility was terrible. We never lost electricity so it was wonderful to be inside in the warm house. We ate like Kings for Christmas eve. We had bacon and toast for breakfast, homemade pizza's for lunch, and taco salad for dinner.

I think the total reported for our area was 14.1 inches. That is a record for Oklahoma! It's weird to not be with my immediate family for Christmas. It really doesn't feel like Christmas at all. But, we are all safe and that's the good thing. We are planning another time to get together and celebrate Jesus' birth! Here are some pics from today. Merry Christmas!

This is a lot of snow!

Sitting on the snow drift

We are watching a friends' dog and him and Lincoln are having fun together

Making snow angels

The finished "Angel"