A month in pictures-cookies w/the Stewards

(the kids watching "I want a dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown)

We had Tony and Mandy and the kids over to make some sugar cookies. Funny thing happened too...I had bought the pre-made packaged dough but when we took it out, it was too moist to really cut out any shapes. We knew we needed some flour. I didn't have just plain white flour. I had whole wheat flour and then some white self-rising flour. We thought the wheat would make the cookies taste funny so we went with the self-rising, knowing that we would just need "a little" of it.

The kids cut their shapes out, we had trees, elves and stockings. We put them in the oven and when they came out, they were one big puffy cookie! Apparently, the "little bit" of self-rising flour made a big difference :)
They decorated them with many colors and they tasted great!