Chipotle....welcome to Edmond!!

Chipotle is here and I am so happy about it! We loved Chipotle while we were in Colorado and then California, bot now we have one in Oklahoma!!

Let me give you the play by play for yesterday......I got a phone call from a friend telling me that Chipotle was giving away FREE burritos. Free? I called them up and they confirmed it:) I then called another friend. We met up with the boys and our friends baby in tow and headed that way. Did I mention that it was raining and in the mid 30's? Did I mention that it was supposed to snow? Oh well- anything for Chipotle, right?

We did have to wait in line but it went by quickly. The poor AT&T store right next store was also having a "grand opening" sale and they had cookies and T-shirts out. Needless to say- they were just sitting there watching everyone pour into Chipotle. We by-passed them as we focused on the true prize.

We made it inside. Our meal would have been about $30 but it was all FREE! Kudos to Chipotle!! If you haven't eaten there and you live in the OKC metro area, go check them out. Friday they are giving away T-shirts and burritos to the first 200 customers. Gotta love anything that's free!