What do you think about the "power" of the tongue?

This phrase keeps coming up, "there's power in the tongue." Now, I know the schoolyard saying about sticks and stones and how hurtful words can be. I'm talking about in the spiritual sense. See, I grew up in a church where they taught you to "name it" and "Claim it". I have a hard time with that because I don't believe that we can just tell God what we want and "claim" it and it will happen. I also believe that it's not black and white.

I've heard of several situations lately where people have quoted scripture over a situation or "confessed" positive things were going to happen.....and they did! So- it leads me to believe that the faith that we have WILL make a difference if we say it out loud. I know that faith pleases God. There's just such a thin line here for me that I can get caught up in the "hows" of it all that I don't do any of it.

I still don't believe in "claiming" unexpected checks in the mail and things like. But, after talking with my sister this morning and her sharing about a conversation she had with a friend, I believe that I can claim God's promises over my life. He may not send me an unexpected check or give us a brand new house, but he will provide all that he has promised.

What are your thoughts on this?