Super weekend plans?

Happy Friday to everyone! Just a quick entry about the weekend....

Tonight, Brandon is going out with his Fantasy football buddies and the loser of the league has to wear a dress. It's an UGLY dress too (Sorry Jeff!).

Tomorrow, we have our nephews birthday party and then the INTernet campus tomorrow night. (BTW- this Tuesday will kickoff the first Tuesday night experience so tune in at 8pm (central time)

Sunday is the SUPER bowl- who are you rooting for? Since Favre was beaten out (sad day) we are not sure who to cheer for. I mean I would love to see the Pats go undefeated- and Mr. Brady deserves it, right? But then you have the "underdog" Giants with Eli leading the way and that would be cool too. I guess for now we will just sit back and enjoy the show (along with all the funny commercials)

So- what are your weekend plans? Anything exciting? Fun?