5 reasons why we love each other (Pt. 4 of 5)

Happy Valentines Day! Today, we are at number 4.....I have a long story to post so stick around because it's funny. First things first.....here are a couple more reasons why we are Valentines:

Christi has always been faithful to me in every way. It is amazing to have a wife that I trust in every situation. Not just the obvious ones (which is great), but Christi is adamant about talking highly of me even when it is one of those "bad" days. She continually has perspective and she is an example to those around her of speaking life into marriage and her husband. The blessing is I know her to be this way 100% of the time. How many husbands can say that? -Brandon-

I love that Brandon is good at just about everything he tries. Everywhere we go, he can find one way to relate to people. his friends nicknamed him "the Bridge" because he can usually understand where most people are coming from. He can help bridge the gap from one person to another. This man can sing, make straight A's, make me die laughing on a daily basis, be profound, play every sport.....I truly could go on and on. He's talented, you get it, right? I will end with a story from our honeymoon (and no, it's not that kind of story!)

We traveled to Cozumel in 1995 for our honeymoon. We looked like we were about 15 which is another funny story. We were able to go on an all inclusive vacation. The resort had tennis courts, swimming pools (right next to the beach), kayaking, sailboats.....lot's of things to do. Brandon had taken a boat and camp safety class over the summer to fulfill some credits. He decided to take the sailboat out for a ride. I stayed on the shore to sunbathe and to watch my man sail away.

He picked out the boat he wanted and the men asked if Brandon was sure he knew how to sail. He reassured him that he did (he had taken a class on it, remember?). So, off to conquer the ocean! He starts sailing and makes sure I am watching. He keeps going and going and going.....not turning back any time soon. The people around me start talking about him (how embarrassing) saying 'look at that guy! Where is he going?". I acted like I didn't know who he was (sorry Brandon). The men at the sailboat booth jumped on jet skis to go rescue Brandon. By this time, Brandon was out by the cruise ships and shrimp boats. He couldn't even see us! He said he could see where the water turns black. It even rained on him while we were soaking up the sun on shore. He was screaming for help but obviously we couldn't hear him!

The men reached him several minutes later. He said "I thought you knew how to sail?" Brandon told him he couldn't get it turned around. The man told Brandon to sit on the front of the boat and he was going to sail the boat back to shore. They hit a huge wave and Brandon went overboard. Brandon jumped back on the boat. I was still on shore thinking about whether I should go to our room and hide, or stay there and be supportive as a newly married woman. They arrived safely back at shore only after the men on staff had given Brandon looks of disgust and anger. Brandon walked up to me and just sat down. The people realized we were together so the whispers became very hushed. I didn't know what to say. The next thing I knew we were laughing about it. Brandon was telling me how scared he was and all we could do was laugh. We are still laughing about it to this day. My story-telling does not even give it justice.

Maybe I should change my trait to "he can do almost everything" since we now know he can not sail. Nah.....we will leave it like it is.

What was your honeymoon like? Where did you go? How long have you been married? If you are not married, where would you like to go on your honeymoon?