5 reasons why we love each other (Pt. 5 of 5)

We have made it to Friday. Thanks for sticking with us throughout all of our loveliness and mushy-ness. Here is our last post on this topic (well, for now). Remember the marriage relationship is the most important relationship on earth. God intended it. Hold on to it. Fight for it. Cherish it.

Brandon has integrity! That's not just a word I give to anyone. He is honest (even when it hurts at times). He is real- you know when he is having a good or bad day. He has humility. People tend to throw the word "authentic" around, but Brandon truly is authentic and real. Our family vision statement is "Be true to yourself, be true to your faith." Brandon leads our family in this mission. He just does the "right" thing no matter what. In our finances, in relationships, in conflict, etc. I'm not saying he's a goody two shoes. When we were youth leaders, so many girls would say " I wish I could find a guy like Brandon!". I think it's because he is a true gentleman, but yet he exudes strength. He fights for what he believes in. This is all because of his integrity. He's a rare gem :) Keep it real, ya'll!! ~Christi~

Christi is such a tender and strong spirit with a depth of maturity she quietly exudes. I have watched her minister to women young and old, and she has this gift of loving them where they are and making them feel so encouraged and built-up. At the same time, she tenderly leads them to be better women and wives and mothers, and she does it all while building trust and security in them. She deeply cares for those she touches, and she spends great amounts of personal time to minister to them. All of those characteristics combined is a single gift that is rare. She never flaunts her wisdom or spiritual maturity. In fact, she would not claim it, but all you have to do is look at the people she has touched. God uses her in such a huge way. I have to be honest. It makes me so proud to be her husband. I really do love her more than a blog post could do justice.-Brandon-

Do you feel you have integrity? Is is something you are working on? Are you tender? Do you tend to have people pour into you or do you do the pouring? Does it make you uncomfortable to read about how others "love"?

God loves us all more than we can physically love a person. Crazy, huh?