Got a question for you......

OK- so B and I are pretty new to the blogosphere. We are starting to get a little more comfortable, but still have those thoughts like 'Did that come out right?" or "Do you think this sounds good?". I'm so glad we have each other as a soundboard. We post on this blog about 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) and usually take the weekends off. We rotate posting just about every other day. You have read family stuff, deep thoughts, funny articles, Internet campus info, etc. Well, you know what you've read!

We have ideas and thoughts flying around in our head daily. It's funny how when you start a blog you begin to ask think "This is something I have to blog about."

So, I was curious. What would you like to hear more about from the Donaldson family? Do you enjoy the family posts? The deeper theological ones? Or a mixture of all of the above? Are you interested in hearing more about the Internet campus? Send some ideas, suggestions, or questions our way if you get a chance.

Thank you so much for sticking with us and reading! We are really enjoying being a part of the blogosphere:) Leave a comment if you find an entry you enjoy so we know who's out there!