Spring cleaning (pt 2 of 3)

I'm continuing in the "Spring cleaning" series.....

Cleaning up your home:
First of all, every time I think about the word housekeeping, it takes me back to Tommy Boy when David Spade stands outside the motel door and says "housekeeping" in a high pitched voice:)

But seriously, we are doing some major cleaning. We have been going through closets and cabinets. I did not realize all the JUNK we have! I have been in a throwing out mode. There are things I have been holding on to thinking someday I will use them. If I haven't used them in a year, I'm probably not going to be needing them. If I do, I can probably afford to buy one if needed.

I'm kind of a paper junkie. I have kept every bill and piece of artwork from the boys. It's been fun finding old pictures and keepsakes. I have filled up several trash bags of paper! We have the donation truck coming to pick up all the other stuff. I can't wait for it to be outta here! We usually give to Habitat for Humanity but there was another organization already coming to our neighborhood. We had enough to give to a friend having a garage sale as well. I'm hoping our trash is someone else's treasure.

Do you hold on to things too long? Are you a packrat? Do you have stuff in your garage or attic? Do you donate to a particular organization? Do you need to do some spring cleaning around your home? Please tell me I am not the only one!