Spring cleaning (pt 3 of 3)

This is the last post in the Spring cleaning series....

Cleaning up our schedule:
We are taking a look at our schedule. Are there areas we can cut out? I think in certain seasons there are priorities that have to be made and then in other seasons, they will change. Our boys are not into sports yet but there will be a time for that!

Right now, it's all about birthday parties, friends, baby showers, church, school events, date nights, Spring break trips, Weight watchers, Life groups, Girls night out, guy time, mentoring, exercise, Bible study, blogs, entertaining guests, e-mail, financial planning, reading, weddings, family time, myspace, facebook, TV/movies, and just plain too much!

It's time to clean up the schedule. Even though there are friends we love dearly, we might have to opt not to attend their special event. We can still send a gift or let them know they matter. This is a hard one to cut out for me!I realize it has to be done. I need to take a serious look at our calendar and black out those things that can't be a priority in this season. We are planning on adopting and possibly going on a mission trip in August (I will tell more about that later). I just feel like we need to cut down on some of the fluff and work towards some more organization and better time management so we can do more with little. This is a re-grouping and preparation season for us.

Do you do too much? Do you have a hard time saying no? Do you need to say no? What makes your priority list? Any planning advice? Time management tips? What takes up your time?