Friday follow-up #9

Hmmm, let's see- not a real exciting week here but I will give you the scoop nonetheless.
  • Merrick started "Chess Academy" at school this week. His school has a great team and they make it to Nationals every year! In 3rd grade, they just get to learn all about the game of chess. He really liked his first week!
  • I'm heading out on a women's retreat today. I'm really excited. Several friends are going and my sister and I are driving out there together. I will share about what I learned later.
  • Fantasy football kicked off this past week. We are in a league with Brandon's family so it's a blast teasing each other. (Brandon is also in a league with the guys that he has been in one with for about 7 yrs. now). B and I both lost our first game of the season. I lost by 1 pt-bummer.
  • We are both really into twitter right now. If you don't know what it is, read HERE. It's basically like texting all your friends about your day. If you want to follow us on Twitter, it's @brandonaldson and @mrscdonaldson
  • The Internet campus launched a new mission experience called LIFESHARE. We are really excited about this.You can read what it's about HERE. Also, you can watch the video Brandon made about it below.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Keep in touch:)