Leadership Friction Principle

There is something that hit me while reading this.  This is the infamous passage that ends with Peter’s denial of Christ.  This is a dark moment in a great leader's life, but I believe it sheds light on an important leadership principle.  

Here are some quick highlights of the passage.  Jesus predicts that all the disciples will fall away and that Peter will deny Him.  Peter passionately declares his faithfulness to Christ, and all the other disciples follow suite and say the same thing.  Peter follows Jesus when He is taken by the guards, and all the other disciples desert Jesus and flee. Peter then denies Jesus, and all the other disciples...well they were not even there to make the mistake. There it is!  I will call it the Leadership Friction Principle.  
Leadership Friction Principle:
  • Doing what no one else would (following Jesus) put Peter in a position to make a mistake (denying Jesus) that no one else could.
  • But the flip-side of this principle is true as well…
  • Doing what no one else would (standing to preach Jesus’ resurrection in the same place Jesus was condemned) put Peter in a position to experience results (3,000 saved) that no one else could.
  • ___________________________

    As a leader you will find yourself doing what others have not done and going where others have not gone.  In exchange, you must understand that you will make mistakes no else can and feel pains no one else has.  Many times this will bring criticism that others don’t have to deal with…just think of all the attention Peter’s BIG mistakes has gotten him.  The great news is that you will also experience victories and joys that no else could.
    Be encouraged; embrace the friction; and lead on!