Women in charge?

I've been going through a season where I am seeing the need to "submit" to my husband's authority. For too long, I have tried to be the "head of the household" when I am not called to that at all. I realize this may step on some people's toes but I do believe that we are to submit to our husbands. It is so tough and I am a walking example of just how stubborn some women can be!

I have been trying to carry certain responsibilities that he is fully capable of handling (probably with less stress and emotion). I also think I know how just about everything should be done around the house (which is so wrong and prideful!).

We do share the burden for our kids so that's good. I was talking the other day with some girlfriends and one of the ladies said something that has stuck with me...she said "If you carry the sole burden for your children, you are robbing your husband of his God given responsibility". She said it better than I did and I may have worded it differently but the point is this: if we as women take on the "authority", or "burden" or leadership of our homes, we are stealing away what our husbands should be doing and we are robbing them of being obedient to their calling.

I'm still working on this and it's been so humbling to see the areas where I have been "wearing his britches" (another quote from our talk). Brandon is an incredible leader and an incredible husband and father. I know that I do follow his leadership but I also know that sometimes it's when I am kicking and screaming and whining about it. I want to submit joyfully.

I am really working on being Brandon's cheerleader rather than his teammate or even worse, his coach. Those are not what I am called to do. I'm not qualified or equipped for those positions either. There are seasons we will be side by side in ministry, but there are also times I need to step back and watch him lead. Brandon would never hold me back. I know 100% that he's "got my back" and would support me in whatever I choose to do.

It's so freeing to finally be embracing my role as a wife and mother and not feel like I have to do "something else" to get validation.What's my job? I'm a mom and a wife. period. And that's a pretty important purpose and job!

What do you think about this? Please share any insight (male or female).