THANK YOU for referring us!

Just wanted to give a shout out to the TOP 5 Referrers from the past month. Go visit their blogs from our site so I can return the favor :)

1) Nicole Knox- Nicole is a great friend of ours. we have known her and her husband for quite some time. Her blog is all about her family and their life in youth ministry.

2) Cindy Beall- Cindy is also a great friend of ours. We have been in ministry together for several years and just recently started seeing each other on a regular basis. Her blog is about mentoring, women's ministry, family,....lots of areas covered here.

3) Bobbi Whitlock- Bobbi is a close friend too:) We have known each other for a LONG time! Bobbi's blog is all about her family and she posts some great pics.

4) Amanda Taylor- Amanda is a girl that grew up in our youth group. She went from being a "youth kid" to being one of our great friends. Her blog is about her family (they just announced they are expecting baby #1), and her creative ideas (she is a fantastic wedding planner).

5) Natalie Witcher- Natalie is a new friend of ours. I'm excited to get to know her more. Her blog is HILARIOUS. She is very witty and down to earth. She posts about parenting, friendship, and funny things that happen to her.

Now- go give these ladies a look-sie and tell them we sent you. THANKS for reading and referring your friends to us. It's a lot more fun writing when you know someone is reading!