The "I don't care" mentality Marriage challenge

The very last challenge I want to talk about on here is being apathetic about your marriage. Marriage takes work!It's like raising children, you just can't take a day off. I have seasons when I want to "focus" on our marriage and that's great- but there has to be something in between as well. It can't be all about a trip, to a date, and back to another trip. It's the day to day communication that builds a marriage. When you know your partner is having a good day or bad day, etc.

It can be a struggle because sometimes we don't want to open up about our true feelings. Or, because we are selfish and frankly don't want to give time to our spouse. Or, you might truly think you care in your heart and mind but you never put any action to it. It makes your spouse feel like you don't care at all.Maybe you just don't know how (or you think you don't) and so you'd rather not try and possibly fail.

Push yourself to care more! Challenge yourself to GIVE even when you are tired or don't feel like giving.

Let me let you in on something...about a year ago, Brandon and I started bickering over little things, really little insignificant things. We did not deal with them though. We stopped having our little 5 minute daily conversations and I just sort of shut him out. I really don't even know where it began but it was a gradual, unintentional thing.

We were able to get away and have some substantial amount of quality time together and we spent a LOT of it working through those walls and barriers that had been built while we were unaware. It can happen. We all get off track sometimes. The real test is how long it takes to get it back on track! Also, realize that you are "off-track" and push it back to priority number one.

CARE about your marriage and your relationship with your spouse. It's THE most important relationship you will have on earth. You are ONE! You are meant to be "soul" mates. Best friends. Lovers. Think about that the next time you want to stop trying or caring.

Spend some quality time with your spouse this week! Show them that you CARE in 3 will mean a lot to them!!