The "Blame Game" Marriage Challenge

Here is another challenge in marriage- BLAMING each other! If you are new to this series, Here is the intro and and you can read up starting there.

It seems like a lot of these struggles are due to what we say to each other. Communication is so important. Positive communication is vital!

I'm also highlighting several areas because these are areas I struggle in. OK- so today we are talking about The blame game.

Blaming each other for past decisions that went bad.
Blaming each other about debt you are in.
Blaming each other because you are not where you thought you'd be by this age.
Blaming each other for failures (and NOT blaming each other for successes).
The list could go on and on...

It's easiest to blame our spouse for failures since they are the closest person to us!

Remember the "We" concept from day 1? This is where this comes in again. We can't point fingers. We have to look at situations good or bad as a team.

When you travel down regret lane, it's not a pretty drive. Hindsight really is 20/20 and if we wouldn't have learned things along the way, then we wouldn't have grown! Each time we go through a conflict, challenge, or struggle, we can take that opportunity to grow closer to our spouse, to grow closer to God, and to just grow personally.

So- the next time you want to blame them when you are not happy or not where you want to be, STOP! Point the finger back at yourself.

When you come together as a team and make decisions jointly- there will be no room to place blame later!!!

Tomorrow I will be finishing up this series. Hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have :) For Thursday, I would love to have sort of a Q and A time on here where Brandon and I could answer jointly. Please send questions to If no questions come in, we will just move on to something else! :) THANKS FOR READING!!