Who is Like the Lord our God?

Psalm 113

This Psalmist's first words are "Praise the Lord!" and his last words are "Praise the Lord!" and right in the middle there is this question, "Who is like the Lord our God?"  What a great question to ponder and reflect on in the middle of our worship.  Do you remind yourself of your answer to this question?  If we don't remember our answer to this question, our worship will become religiously robotic, unauthentic, and stale.  The Psalmist recalls what can be done by only the Lord our God.  Maybe we should consistently write our own personal Psalm 113.
My personal Psalm 113:
Praise the Lord!  Who is like the Lord our God?  Who can bring salvation and hope to a life that does not deserve it?  Who has authored all of creation yet longs for personal interaction with me? He chooses to use me in His epic plan that spans eternity.  He has given me true life.  He has given me freedom.  His love never fails.  Praise the Lord!